April 11, 2021

6 curious things you can do on Windows 10 and didn’t know

The Windows 10 is a comprehensive operating system and has a number of useful features and functionality, but may go unnoticed. Microsoft’s system makes it possible to make phone calls from your cell phone, customize Command Prompt, use speech recognition to avoid typing, improve Windows 10 internal data search, or even use a clipboard history that lists everything you copy and paste into the operating system.

Some of these functions are active by default, while others, such as speech recognition or clipboard history, need to be enabled manually by the user. Below, you will learn about these and other resources and learn how to use them on your computer.

Answer cell phone calls

Windows 10 allows you to use your phone’s resources on your computer. Among the various options, there is the possibility of making phone calls using the PC: this way, you can call whoever you want, using a headset with a microphone on your computer, without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

To access the feature, you need to link your smartphone with the Windows Phone Your Phone app . With the app open, select “Calls” from the left menu: you will need to authorize the feature on your cell phone on first use, but from then on make uncomplicated calls directly from the PC.

Rotate the screen upside down

Common in pranks, this feature allows you to reset the orientation of the computer screen from 90 °: the idea is that you can adjust the Windows screen to your monitors according to use. Programmers, for example, often leave monitors upright so that more code fits on the screen, increasing productivity when programming.

Poetryus To do this, there are two ways. Using the keyboard, using CTRL + ALT and the direction arrows, moving the screen according to your need. Another option is through the “Settings” of Windows 10: in “System”, go to “Video” and find the options for “Screen orientation”.

Stop typing and start dictating

Windows 10 offers speech recognition technologies that enable the user to dictate text for searches, messages, Word documents or even e-mails. The tool uses the microphone connected to your computer (or built-in, in the case of some laptops) and has good accuracy when recognizing text: the only deficiency of the feature is the punctuation, which you will have to do manually.

To access speech recognition, just use the shortcut key Windows + H anywhere in the system: the top bar shows the text formed by the resource while you speak. To end the dictation, just say “end dictation”, or close the appeal.

Improve the performance of Windows searches

The internal search system in Windows 10 is very robust and allows the user to perform customizations, either to achieve more performance, preventing the information indexing process from slowing down the PC; whether to ensure more accurate searches, ensuring that Windows 10 has access to everything when it comes to searching.

To change the settings, access the “Search” option within the “Settings” app and choose “Searching on Windows”. Choosing “Classic”, the data indexing system will not weigh as much, but you will have access to data only from the Windows 10 desktop and libraries (Documents, Images, Videos, etc.). In “Advanced”, you can search all folders, but your computer’s performance may suffer a little – especially on machines without SSDs.

Customize the prompt

Command Prompt is a useful tool for those who need to run applications without a graphical interface, or who need access to internal Windows commands. Although simple, the app offers some customization features: you can change the dimensions of the window, set a background color different from the standard black and even change fonts and text size.

manufacturedelombre To do all this, open the Command Prompt (search for “cmd” in Windows 10 search) and then the application. Select the icon located on the top bar and choose the “Properties” option from the menu that will open. In the new window, you can find all the customization options for the old Microsoft command terminal.

Clipboard history

Windows 10 has a feature that builds a history of your clipboard, allowing you to access items even after some time to paste them: text, images, files, whatever you have copied or cut into the system will stop there .

To use the tool, you need to activate it. Open the “Settings” of Windows 10 and, under “System”, find “Clipboard”. Activate the option “Clipboard History” and, from now on, whenever you access the history with the Windows Key + V you will have access to everything you copied and pasted on the computer.

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