February 26, 2021

iOS 14: five settings you should change on your iPhone

The new iOS 14 brought unprecedented functions for iPhones , such as widgets , the Application Library , making prints with a touch behind the phone , choosing the default browser and using PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode. The news makes the smartphone more interesting and solves old obstacles for Apple users , such as having selfies automatically mirrored or not being able to organize the home screen with widgets.

The five new settings you need to change on the iPhone are available with the Apple software update , iOS 14. Check out the list below to find out what’s new and how to activate it.

1. Application library

IOS 14 has a new option for organizing apps. The Application Library makes it easy to search for programs because it automatically categorizes them according to their function. For example, communication apps like WhatsApp , Instagram and even Phone and Messages, are gathered by the system itself in “Social Networks”. Applications can also be categorized by usage, and new downloads appear in the “Recent Additions” section.

The new technology allows for greater organization and optimization of the search time for applications on the mobile interface. The function can be further customized by showing or hiding notifications in the library. To do this, just go to “Settings” and choose “Notifications Notification” if you want to activate or not the function in “Show in Apps Library”. The settings go further and the user can also choose where the applications will be right after downloading, in the Library or start screen.

2. Configure standard apps

Another new feature of iOS 14 is the possibility to configure standard browser and email applications on the iPhone. In iOS 13 , the ruse was only possible with open source software applications, that is, the work was bigger and the function was not native to the cell phone, which can cause slow use of the smartphone.

If the user sets a browser and e-mail app as the default, when clicking on a message or web link, the browser of his choice will open to access the page on the Internet. Setting up is easy: for example, to set Gmail as your default email, simply access the settings for the app and look for the “Default Email App” option.

3. Disable setting to mirror selfies

When we take pictures through the front camera of the iPhone, the image is automatically inverted when viewing it in the photo gallery, manufacturedelombre and that bothered some Apple users. Before iOS 14, if the user wanted to mirror the selfie, they needed to use third-party apps to edit. The system now has a native setting to enable mirroring of the camera in the camera settings.

4. Use Picture-in-Picture

IOS 14 has a function to watch videos while using other mobile apps . Before, playback stopped automatically when you exit the application. PiP now minimizes the video in the corner of the screen on a floating player to watch the clips while switching apps or going to the home screen.

The function works for FaceTime and content apps like Twitch , Netflix , YouTube – on Premium accounts. To activate this option on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, tap “General” and search for “PIP”.

5. Take print with touch behind

The new Apple software update brings news for accessibility and one of them is to take the screen capture with two or three touches , making the activity simpler and faster. The tool allows you to configure the ringtones to open the magnifying glass, activate VoiceOver, among other activities to make your phone more accessible with iPhone Assistive Control.

To activate the function, go to the “Settings” of the cell phone, look for “Accessibility” and select the “Ringtone” option. Then, tick “Play Back” and choose whether you want two or three rings, and which function will be activated.

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