February 26, 2021

How to manage settings in iOS 14 to be able to use unofficial shortcuts

The Shortcuts that came with iOS 12 are one of the most playable elements in Apple’s mobile operating system. They offer a large number of possibilities , both for what we can create ourselves and for what we can import thanks to the creations of other users. A step that can sometimes present a problem.

And is that when trying to import a shortcut, the system may show a warning that it is impossible to install, considering it as unreliable . This impediment, however, can be reversed by just following a few steps within the settings of our device that we are now going to review.

Enable untrusted shortcuts

When trying to add an unreliable shortcut, we find the tab that remains inactive within the “Shortcuts” section in the “Settings” of the phone. To make the tab active we must carry out a series of steps.
We have to create a shortcut, for which we need to enter the “Shortcuts” utility and click on “Create shortcut” . We will have to choose between applications, processes … and in the test I have used the applications that I have installed.’
In the AirMail case, the email gesture, although it could be any other app. We choose an action, the one that interests us the most and click on the “+” symbol that appears in the lower area. We only have to give a name to identify said shortcut and we will see how it appears among all those that we have created or imported.
At this point we must again go to the “Shortcuts” application and make use of the shortcut that we have just created once to unlock the process that we have started. This point is important, since if we do not execute the shortcut, nothing of the previously done will be useless.
HD Free Wallpaper With these steps taken, we can now go to the “Shortcuts” settings in configuration and activate the “Allow unreliable shortcuts” tab within security when sharing. We will see how a warning message appears and we only have to click on “Allow” to conclude the process.

In summary, the steps to follow can be detailed as a list to cover the process at a glance:

  • Enter the “Shortcuts” app and start creating a new shortcut
  • Choose the one that interests us the most and conclude the process until giving it a name
  • We return to the “Shortcuts” application and execute once the shortcut that we have created
  • Now we have to go to the “Settings” of iOS 14 and within them look for the app “Shortcuts”
  • Within “Shortcuts” we can now try to activate the “Allow unreliable shortcuts” box.

With these steps we have left the terminal ready to use as many shortcuts as we want, those created by ourselves or those imported from other users .

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