February 26, 2021

Business Ideas: 8 options for you to start entrepreneurship in 2021

The year was not easy for many people! Because of this, many people seek new business ideas , either to supplement their income or start their own company.

For those who want to “test” some business ideas and analyze how the market in a certain area is doing, an alternative is to start doing freelance work . Or also choose the path of digital entrepreneurship , since more and more people are connected to the internet. But if you really want to undertake, make your schedule and reach your goals, we have separated 9 business ideas with little money and profitable business ideas to get you started as soon as possible.


If there is something that human beings cannot help doing, it is eating. Therefore, business ideas in the food business are always great options for those who want to open or change businesses. And here you can find a business idea for any niche: sweets, cakes, lunchboxes, gourmet sandwiches, healthy foods, international cuisine, foods for those with a type of food restriction, the list is extensive.


According to a survey by Euromonitor International reported by Forbes , is the fourth largest beauty and personal care market in the world, behind only the United States, China and Japan.

In addition, it is a market that is always evolving, with the launch of several new features every year. So it is important to keep up with trends. The biggest investment cost, depending on the chosen area, is with courses, material and transportation. Still, they are smaller than having a beauty salon or aesthetics and massage clinics.

And we are not referring here only to beauty services for women, but a good business opportunity is in the male beauty market. According to a report by Research & Markets , the forecast is that the value of this market will reach US $ 78.6 billion in 2023.


This is one of the business ideas that may seem too hectic or even obvious, but most people when they think of a private lesson remember only tutor or language teachers.

The goal here is to open your horizons! If you have a broad knowledge of a subject and someone else does not, you can teach them. With the internet then, your student can even live in another country.

You can teach cooking classes, dance, any area of ​​crafts, musical instruments, programming and even makeup. Both in person and online.


Do you have great experience on any subject? A great business idea is to sell the consulting service or advice to other companies.

Many people and businesses go through financial problems, you can offer financial advice. If you know a lot about digital marketing, adayatthehopfarm advice in this area can help companies and you can earn good money. This is a very versatile area as it is possible for you to advise other people and companies on any subject you know, whether in person or online.


If you have a vast knowledge about something, but you think you have no way of doing consulting or private lessons, one more business idea that may fit your profile better is to create an info product. It can be an online course, video classes, an ebook or a content subscription club on the topic.

The line of production of info products is quite large and the best, highly scalable since you can “attend” more people with recorded classes, for example, than in person. A great place to learn more about this market is Hot mart . We also have a blog post that tells what Hot mart is and how it works to make money selling online .


Whether to supplement your income or to make it your main livelihood, the affiliate market has been helping more and more  to start their businesses. With the growth of online shopping in parallel with the growth of marketplaces, companies also need to have other business ideas and ways to reach the customer.

And one of them is the use of affiliates, which are basically people or companies that advertise physical products or info products (digital products) and earn a commission for the sale. Did this business idea attract you? See this blog post with 4 tips from affiliate sites to start increasing your income today .


Having an online commerce, better known as ecommerce, is an excellent business idea, whether for those who already have a physical store, or for those who want to start a business due to its lower investment cost.In addition, having a virtual store brings more visibility and greater possibilities of advertising for your company.

This line of business grew 56.8% in the first months of 2020 alone . And, according to a survey conducted by consultancy IDC, 52% of  interviewed intend to make more purchases online. That is, the expectation is that ecommerce will grow even more in the coming months.


Did you know that it is not necessary to stock a product to sell to your customer? Well, this is dropshipping, another business idea for you. The customer makes the purchase, you ask the supplier and he does the production and delivery himself.

With dropshipping, the cost of opening this business ends up being low, since you can also have several types of products in your ecommerce without needing stock. You only buy when you make the sale. Have you chosen among the various business ideas proposed in this post, but can’t think of a name for your venture? We have listed in this blog post the best sites to help you define a name for your business .

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