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Holly is an illustrator and educator based in London, UK. Her work explores a variety of subject matter and is predominantly drawing-based.

Brief Bio

I work with multiple layers of colour and deconstruct forms to build dynamic compositions. My work plays on chance and process to produce a body of work which remains in a constant state of flux, where the process behind one image becomes the beginning of the next, focussing on the performance of chaos in a controlled visual structure, and highlighting moments in time. I have exhibited work internationally in a number of group shows.

My client list includes; Bloomberg, Design Week, Deutsche Bank, Fallon, Financial Times, Frieze, Nestle, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, The New York Times, Royal College of Art, GAS (Japan), The Huffington Post, The V&A, The Telegraph, Uniqlo, Nylon, Conde Nast, Urban Outfitters and Wired. I also illustrate a regular weekly column, “Lives” for The New York Times Magazine.

I have written projects and taught on illustration and design programmes at Winchester School of Art, University of Westminster, Central St Martins, Brighton University, Camberwell College of Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and Cardiff School of Art. My teaching focuses on the importance of ‘thinking through making’, and highlights methods of escape from the inertia caused by access to a wealth of images.

In June 2010 I also set up a studio space for illustrators in London called OPEN, with Robert Evans from Telegramme, Hugh Frost from Landfill Editions, Loren Filis from Loligo and illustrator David Callow. OPEN continues to thrive!

I now work from a studio nearby in Shoreditch with fellow illustrator Neasden Control Centre.

Holly Wales, London
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