Chuck Anderson

NoPattern Studio
Grand Rapids
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Portland 2013
Los Angeles 2013

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About NoPattern

NoPattern is the art & design studio of Chuck Anderson.

Brief Biography

Since 2003, a year after graduating high school, Chuck has been collaborating with clients such as Microsoft, Nike, Warner Bros., Reebok, Burton, Target, and more. In addition to this work, Chuck also produces much of his own personal art, design, & photography as well as collaborations with non-profits such as Invisible Children, charity:water, and WordMadeFlesh, among others. Chuck has also spoken about his work & story at many universities & design conferences around the world and was a judge at the annual Art Director's Club Awards in NYC. In November 2010, Chuck was named a "Design Icon" by Computer Arts Magazine.

Chuck Anderson will be speaking on stage with Terry White from Adobe at both Portland & Los Angeles Semi-Permanent events in 2013.

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